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Is a standing desk worth it?

Vero Beach Chiropractor- Lots of my patient inquire about standing desks. Are they worth it? Short answer… YES. Anytime you have the ability to change positions on a regular basis, it’s better. If you just sit all day, it’s not good. You’ve heard the expression, “sitting is the new smoking!” It’s true. Standing all day is not good either. It’s really tough on the joints in the lower extremities. A standing desk allows you change positions from standing to seated, and back to standing. This lets you alter your position throughout the day, not spending too much time in one spot. Standing desks are pretty attainable these days. I remember only seeing the ads in those magazines in the pocket of the airline seat in front of you. Now they are all over the place. I do recommend standing desks and it could be a good combat against some aches and pains of being seated all day staring at a computer screen. Dr. Thomas Harmody is a chiropractor at Vero Walk-In Chiropractic.

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