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How often should I come in?


How often should I come in?


 Vero Beach, Fl.- How often should I come in? There are two approaches to this question.   First-You can come in when something happens.  If you hurt yourself, we can try and fix the problem that is causing the pain.  This is what most people do.  If you wake up with a stiff neck, come in and we will work on it.  If you irritate a herniated disc by lifting something.  Come in and we will work to calm the irritation. Second- Come in periodically and let us keep everything in good shape and you should have less of a chance for that catastrophic problem.   What is periodically?  For some people it’s once per month and for others, it’s twice per week.  We can treat you either way and it’s a personal decision.  As for me, I have been practicing for 20 years and have performed approximately 100000 adjustments in my career.  For the past 24 years (school included), I have been adjusted on average, about once or twice per week.  Dr. Thomas Harmody is a chiropractor at Vero Walk-In Chiropractic and Wellness in Vero Beach, Fl.

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