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Why does my neck hurt so bad after the air show?

Vero Beach Chiropractor- This past weekend the Blue Angels were in town for the Vero Beach Air Show. There were also a pair of F-16 Vipers, a C-17 Globemaster and numerous aerobatic planes all demonstrating their awesome abilities and power. Most of us spent the weekend looking to the skies watching their shows. Now it’s Monday and a lot of us have sore necks. Why is that? The majority of people spend their day looking ahead of us or down at what we are working on. We are supposed to have a curve in our neck backwards like a reverse C. This is called the cervical lordosis. Through life people tend to have a straightening of their lordosis. It may have been a past car accident or the fact that most of us look down at a desk all day long. We then spend hours looking upward toward the skies putting our necks into the curve we have lost over the years. We recruit muscles that are not normally used to help us look up and they can get very sore. All of this leads to a sore neck that is stiff and tough to move. Adjustments help free up any of those tight muscles and introduce motion back into those joints which have become fixated or jammed up. This eases the tension on the neck and helps us recuperate quicker. Dr. Thomas Harmody is a chiropractor at Vero Walk-In Chiropractic. 772-360-1245

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