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What can I do to prevent it from happening again?

What can I do to prevent it from happening again?


Vero Beach chiropractor- Everyone’s favorite question is, how can I keep this from happening again? Most of the time, the answer is core strengthening. Sometimes you just hurt your back and you need a bit of therapy to get it to go away. Once the pain is gone, it probably won’t happen again.  Sometimes, the problem is chronic and happens over and over.  In these cases, core strengthening will help prevent it in the future.  The core muscle share support of the back and keep it from absorbing microtraumas.  If the muscles are weak, then there is a greater chance for the joints, discs or muscles in the area to absorb this trauma.  So, make your core support muscles stronger. That way they can handle the absorption of the trauma we commit and try to avoid those big injuries.  Dr. Thomas Harmody is a chiropractor at Vero Walk-In Chiropractic and Wellness in Vero Beach, Fl. 

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