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This simple step can save you $2000.00 after a car accident

Vero Beach chiropractor- In Florida, we carry PIP auto insurance coverage that covers any medical care you might need after a car accident. PIP will cover up to $10,000.00 worth of medical bills. You have the option to purchase more, but $10,000 is the minimum in Florida. Although you purchase this amount, generally it covers 80% of your bills with a 20% copay. Which means you are on the hook for 20% of the bills, or $2,000.00. Some insurance companies allow you purchase a better policy that will cover 100% of the bills, or you can purchase something Medpay. This is usually a small cost to the patient and is extra coverage that can cover the 20% and far beyond the $10,000.00 if wanted. When you have your next meeting with your insurance representative, ask about Medpay and if it’s right for you. It might help you save you money in the long run after a car accident.

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