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New Year's resolutions

Updated: May 3, 2023

New Year’s resolutions.

Chiropractor Vero Beach- It’s the first of the year and time for everyone to say those ultimate words…. Next year will be different. I’m going to start eating healthy and working out. Change my life for the better and get healthier. These types of resolutions usually end up being successful for a few weeks and then they fade away with time. We stop going to the gym and start eating and drinking all the things that are terrible for us. How about this year, rather than making huge drastic changes. Just try small things. How about a small walk in the evening or the early morning. How about trying to add in a little bit of veggies each night. Small changes can sometimes be more attainable, and we have a better chance of sticking to these changes. Now these things are just part of normal life. Then real changes are made to our lives and it’s not just a diet or a workout stint. Small changes can be made all year long and then can truly alter the healthiness of our lives. Think of these things when making your resolutions this year and have a happy healthy 2023. Dr. Thomas Harmody is a chiropractor at Vero Walk-In Chiropractic and Wellness in Vero Beach, Fl.

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