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Is your bed correct for you?

Bed type and firmness are always one of the most asked questions I get in the office. Should I get a firm or soft bed? Should they be made of latex, foam or air mattress? It seems there are as many choices of mattresses as there are types of cars manufactured. In the morning you should wake rested with minimal pain. It doesn’t matter the type of bed and what it’s made of if these two things are not accomplished. As beds go, a more firm mattress is usually best. You should also move around some while sleeping, not just lay in the same spot you started in at the beginning of the night. You want a mattress that is supportive and provides a contouring effect to the body. Warranty is also a must to think about. Is it good for 6-8 years or does it have a 20 year warranty? What do I sleep on? I have a sleep number bed that my wife and I have been very happy with! Dr. Thomas Harmody is the owner of Vero Walk-In Chiropractic and Wellness in Vero Beach, Fl.

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