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Is it important to have my young son or daughter checked after a car accident?

Vero Beach chiropractor- Car seats do a good job with energy disbursement during a car accident. What does this mean? At the point of impact, energy is transferred from one vehicle to another. The car seat does a good job dispersing that energy so a minimum amount of injury is sustained by the child. Whip lash can still occur. Often times, there is injury to the middle of the back because the impact makes them slide down in the car seat. This puts an unnatural curve on their back creating a perfect environment for injury to occur in the mid thoracic spine. After an accident, the child will have not only body pain, but there is mental anxiety that will occur. They will cry when getting into a car seat or at the site of the car. Sometimes digestive issues will arise and the child can loose their appetite. These are all signs of injury from a car accident. It’s not just important for the adult to get checked but also the children involved in the accident. Dr. Thomas Harmody is a chiropractor at Vero Walk-In Chiropractic. Call for an appointment today. 772-360-1245

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