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How much chiropractic is too much chiropractic?

Updated: May 3, 2023

How much chiropractic is too much chiropractic?

Chiropractor Vero Beach, Fl.- A common question I get is, “How much chiropractic is too much?” Can I get adjusted too much? The answer is yes and no. For some conditions I have to see people multiple times in one day and for other conditions I may just see them once or twice total. It depends on the severity of the problem that has occurred. I see people religiously once or twice per week every week and I see other people once per year. I have one patient that puts up an enormously large amount of Christmas lights and I see him once after he is finished putting up the display each year. For the most part you will not over chiropractic yourself or get adjusted too much. It’s really your choice. If you have a problem, I will give my recommendation on how to get rid of it the fastest way possible, but ultimately, it’s your choice to decide on when to come in. That’s the beauty of our walk-in scheduling. Dr. Thomas Harmody is a chiropractor at Vero Walk-In Chiropractic and Wellness in Vero Beach, Fl.

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