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Blood Tests for MTHFR gene mutation.

Updated: Feb 21

Blood Tests for MTHFR gene mutation.



Vero Beach, Fl.- Last three segments have been about the mthfr gene mutation and the last installment I mentioned to make sure you have blood work performed to see if you are deficient in certain vitamins. A person with this mutation has trouble methylating certain vitamins into usable substances by the body.  The blood tests you should do are a mthfr gene sequence to see if you have the mutation.  Serum B12 levels, serum folate levels and RBC folate levels to test vitamin levels.  The two folate levels measure how much folate is in your blood and how much has been processed by your body and been used to make new blood cells.  Most people who have this mutation have trouble processing folate and B12 so it’s important to know how much folate has actually been absorbed into red blood cells.  You could have high levels of folate in your blood, but it has not been methylated and taken up for your red blood cells.  The high levels of folate in your blood can be toxic to your body and cause systems also.  Ask your doctor to run these tests to check these things and this can be done at any quest diagnostic.  Dr. Thomas Harmody is a chiropractor at Vero Walk-In Chiropractic and Wellness. 

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